Coalition led by JEMB co-founder to donate thousands to select Council candidates

June 04, 2013 11:00AM

The Small Business Coalition, founded by JEMB Realty Corp. principal Louis Jerome, is pledging hundreds of thousands of dollars to support business-friendly City Council candidates, Crain’s reported.

The group’s announcement arrives a week after the Real Estate Board of New York spearheaded an effort to donate $10 million to a political action committee for Council hopefuls in favor of development in the city, as previously reported.

Key issues for the group include cutting fees and fines, lessening the tax burden on small businesses, investing in mass transit including ferry service and aiding businesses in accessing credit and grants, Crain’s said. It hopes to donate funds both directly to favored council candidates and via an independent expenditure. The focus is on 10 to 15 competitive council races out of the 51 seats in the body, the newspaper said.

The five borough chambers of commerce have talked about the prospect of a small-business focused independent expenditure campaign. Executive director John Eddy is actively seeking donations, the newspaper said. [Crain’s]Mark Maurer