The Real Deal New York

The not-so-outer borough: Brooklyn’s fast-climbing home prices make it nearly as expensive as Manhattan

By Katherine Clarke | June 05, 2013 10:30AM

From the June issue: Manhattan estate brokers Ari Harkov and Warner Lewis recently started searching for apartments in the West Village on behalf of a client, who wanted to pay around $650,000 for a one-bedroom. Not satisfied by the inventory they found in that price range, they expanded the search to Brooklyn Heights, thinking that would yield much more space for the money. [more]

  • Greg Jacobs

    The rise of Brooklyn has been very interesting to watch over the years. Having lived here for almost four years, I have seen the market change dramatically. It is interesting to note that regardless what where the apartments are located (regardless of rental or sale), prices have almost all gone up. New York was hit hard by the recession, but the market has quickly rebounded and really shows no signs of slowing.
    Do you think one day prices in the comparable Brooklyn neighborhoods (i.e. Park Slope vs. UWS) will be MORE than Manhattan?