Real estate apps coming to Google Glass

June 08, 2013 02:00PM

People searching for homes can now look up from their phones while checking out a neighborhood, as websites like Trulia begin offering apps on Google Glass, the New York Times reported.

The web-linked glasses only offer relatively few apps so far, but real estate site Trulia’s is now one. It can send alerts based on the user’s criteria or search history. Photos, walking directions and audio descriptions are also available.

Trulia expects the app to come in handy when people in search of homes hit the streets on weekends, when a majority of web traffic and leads for real estate brokers occur.

The app was designed by Jeff McConathy, Trulia’s vice president for engineering for consumer services, who acknowledges that companies must tread carefully with Google Glass, which can easily come across as intrusive to users.

Zillow is also working on a Google Glass app.

All Google Glass apps must be approved by Google, which does not yet have an app store for the device. [NYT]TRD