Slumlords beware: Rentenna feature lets tenants look up building complaints

June 12, 2013 02:30PM

Rentenna, a New York City-based rentals site, today unveiled a search function that allows would-be tenants and brokers to look up violations and other complaints about thousands of buildings across the city. Dubbed “Complaints Score,” the feature includes information on mouse and bedbug infestations, accumulating garbage in common spaces, lack of heat or hot water, and hazardous conditions.

“Apartment hunters for the first time will be able to see every single housing violation filed with New York City’s Department of Housing for over 35,000 apartment buildings,” co-founder Alicia Schwartz said in a release. “With issues such as broken carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, it is crucial to know about where you could be living.”

The complaints are separated into three different categories based on the severity of the issue: Class A is meant for non-hazardous problems, such as broken doorknobs; Class B for hazardous conditions, such as broken smoke detectors and rodents; and Class C for immediately hazardous conditions, like inadequate fire exits and lack of electricity.

The site last year launched a hottest doorman competition, as previously reported. —Zachary Kussin