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MDLNY star investigated for altering home images

June 13, 2013 01:30PM

Luis D. Ortiz, the Keller Williams NYC broker and star of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing New York,” is under investigation for doctoring listing photos of a Greenwich Village townhouse, the New York Post reported.

On an episode of the popular reality show that aired in May, Ortiz was shown Photoshopping hardwood floors, marble countertops, a new oven and bookshelves into promotional pictures of the home, on the market for $7.4 million.

His excuse to viewers was that the Downing Street home’s interior was so rundown he had to get creative with the listing.

“If I put the real photos out there, nobody would come inside,” he said during the show. “A little white lie isn’t going to kill anybody!”

Although Ortiz apologized for the stunt on the reality show’s blog on May 22, the New York Department of State, which has oversight of the real estate industry, launched an investigation into the broker and his business practices six days later.

Ortiz said he sent the fake photos in an email blast to brokers but never used them on actual listings. [NYP]James Comtois

  • Yobaby

    What a baaaaafoooon

  • Insider

    This place has all originals from when it was first built “a dump” is a bit harsh. What I can tell you is that the “5 car garage” is totally BS…1 Car + 1 Car lift…if you have an SUV you will be lucky to get it inside…

  • BillinMI

    Should have simply captioned the photos with “virtually upgraded and staged” – is he really the first realtor to photoshop or just the first caught without acknowledging the enhancements? Seems like his trainer at Keller Wms forgot this important ethical distinction – I’d say s/he is just as guilty for the oversight, no?

    • DEF

      Worked at KW for 12 months. Lack of ethics training was not the only thing KW did not teach.

      • jon

        Ethics? Training at KW?
        Maybe Mr. Ilan Bracha should teach that course.

    • erin805

      Luis knew he was being filmed while admitting he used false photos (false advertising)–not too bright unless it was just “faked” only for the TV show.

  • obvious

    I can’t believe any of this gets coverage when everyone knows all reality tv is staged for drama and controversy.

  • Angela

    This is not simply realty TV.
    I have seen an example of this in NJ. It was a virtual staging with
    structural changes made to enhance the property. I must admit, the
    virtual staging was well done. But it didn’t sell
    the property. People were disappointed when they saw the actual
    property and it languished on the market for 6 months. Ultimately, NJ
    Home Staging and Redesign was brought in to make the necessary changes (yes, some structural changes were made as well)
    and to properly stage the property. The result? It sold in 2 weeks.

  • mike

    Say what you will, but Louis has zero gag reflex, and he definitely was able to close our deal last week. Bonus: He’d an absolute fiend for the man sauce. Muy Caliente!