“Crooklyn” crib deal closes for $1.7 million

2013 has been a marquee year for Bed-Stuy real estate, brokers say
June 17, 2013 10:00AM

A deal for a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn home that was featured in the Spike Lee movie “Crooklyn” has closed for $1.7 million, DNAinfo reported.

The three-family townhouse, located at 7 Arlington Place between Macon and Halsey streets, was reportedly in contract for $1.8 million, or $500,000 over the $1.3 million asking price. The property was designed by George Chappell in the Renaissance Revival style, and featured as the family home in the 1994 movie.

“Normally, I would say, things go over asking,” listing broker Jerry Minsky of Douglas Elliman told DNAinfo. “But not to that extent.”

After a stagnant post-Hurricane Sandy market, Minsky and others told DNAinfo that the new year has ushered in a Bedford-Stuyvesant real estate boom. Indeed, since January, more than one home in the western part of Bed-Stuy have closed for upwards of $1.5 million, according to DNAinfo.

“This is going to be around for a long time,” Minsky said.

In addition to the “Crooklyn” house, a three-story building at 44 Monroe Street, just east of the neighborhood’s Classon Avenue border, closed for $1.6 million early this year. Soon after, a cash buyer bought 266 Clifton Place, also for $1.6 million, Minsky said. [DNAinfo]Hiten Samtani