CityRealty debuts real-time real estate stats

June 19, 2013 03:00PM

CityRealty, the real estate information website, has launched a “Market Insight” section that provides users with real-time real estate data and neighborhood statistics, Curbed reported. Features include a currency comparison tool that lets users look up average condominium and co-op prices in 11 different currencies.

Users can also look at recent sales for condos and co-ops, filtered by time range, price, unit type and neighborhood.

The chart shows that the priciest West Side condo sale of the past 30 days was for a six-bedroom home at 535 West End Avenue, which sold for $9.4 million. A two-bedroom condo at The Plaza in Midtown ranked as that neighborhood’s most expensive sale at $9.2 million.

Users can highlight each neighborhood column to get respective sale numbers, median price and median price per square foot. For example, the Financial District saw 19 condo sales total in the past 30 days. The median price per square foot for these sales ticked in at $973 and the median price at $770,000. [Curbed]Zachary Kussin