Trump shies away from U.S. development branding

June 19, 2013 02:30PM

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is known for lending his name to real estate projects all over the world. But he hasn’t licensed his brand to a building on U.S. soil since before the recession, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In fact, the last time that the Donald inked a licensing agreement in the U.S. was in 2007, with Trump Soho.

Trump is expected to release plans today for a Trump-brand hotel and condominium project in Vancouver. There are also other Trump-brand projects underway in Azerbaijan and the Philippines.

“My name makes everything more successful,” Trump told the Journal.

Stateside, he told the paper, he’d rather buy and develop his own projects rather than licensing them. But the Journal noted that several of his U.S. licensing deals have stalled or ended up in foreclosure. Trump Towers Philadelphia, for example, filed for Chapter 11 protection in January. [WSJ] —Zachary Kussin