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Meet Zhang Xin, the Chinese developer and self-made billionaire: VIDEO

July 02, 2013 03:30PM

Move over, Donald Trump – there’s a new developer in town, according to CNN. Zhang Xin, one of China’s largest developers, who recently nabbed a stake in the General Motors Building in Midtown, has an estimated net worth of $3.6 billion, according to a Forbes tally.

Not only does her net worth make her wealthier than the Donald and television giant Oprah Winfrey, it also makes her the world’s seventh richest self-made woman.

Zhang and husband Pan Shiyi founded SOHO China in 1995, which has since become China’s largest commercial real estate developer. They own 56 million square feet in Beijing and Shanghai.

In the U.S., Zhang nabbed headlines early last month for buying a 40 percent stake in the GM Building. Specifically, the families of Zhang and Brazilian banking mogul Moise Safra paid $1.4 billion for the stake, which values the 767 Fifth Avenue property at around $3.4 billion – the country’s most valuable office property.

Despite the success, Zhang, who grew up in poverty, remains tight with her money, and has even had her teenage son apply for jobs at McDonald’s and KFC. [CNN]Zachary Kussin

  • htpalmer

    The Chump isn’t as wealthy as he’d have you believe. Yes, he’s rich by most standards but not as rich as he says. He fights to make that claim w/Forbes who relents to the lies and deceptions that is The Chump. He may be worth a billion or so, but definitely NOT $3.6 billion as he claims. He’s still the biggest chump around, and born w/a silver spoon in his mouth, it’s very. very hard to admire such a racist cur as is he of the weird comb-over.

  • truthtalker

    I wonder why no one mentions her husband, who has multiple companies worth millions. Sure, she had made it pretty far on her own (GS) but if it wasn’t for her husband, I highly doubt she’d be where she is today.

    • yobaby

      Like Carrie Chang

  • ralphpetrillo

    Sometimes when governments appply pressure, money tries to find safety at any cost.