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Bronx landlord jailed after failing to fix hazardous conditions

July 09, 2013 02:30PM

Joel Loutan, the owner of a multifamily residential building at 1514 East 172nd Street in the Bronx, is to serve jail time until he corrects alleged violations at his property, the city Department of Housing and Development said.

Loutan allegedly failed to comply with AEP Orders issued by HPD, did not appear in court on numerous occasions and did not comply with court orders to correct housing code violations including roof replacement, repainting exterior walls, rewiring the entire building and replacing the heating plant.

Bronx County Housing Court Judge Jerald Klein found Loutan in civil contempt of an earlier order and judgment on Wednesday, and directed that he be fined and remanded to jail until the violations are corrected.

The four-unit property, which currently has 30 open housing code violations – more than seven per unit – was placed in HPD’s alternative enforcement program, an initiative that targets the 200 most distressed buildings in the city for remediation. –Julie Strickland

  • Mordy

    Stalin would have loved such government powers.

  • common sense

    isn’t the solution here to have the tenants move out? seems a much more logical reaction to a slumlord. hit him where it hurts – in his pocketbook. I don’t want to spend any money keeping this pig in jail.