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Police recommend indictment of Rabbi Pinto, spiritual advisor to real estate players

Allegedly bribed chief of department's fraud unit
July 17, 2013 09:00AM

Police intend to recommend filing an indictment against Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, a spiritual adviser to several  high-profile New York real estate players, for bribing the leader of the department’s fraud unit, Israel Hayom reported.

Pinto, whose close ties with industry leaders include Keller Williams NYC’s Ilan Bracha, developer Haim Binstock, Sapir Organization’s Zina Sapir and top attorney Morris Missry, is accused of seeking information from the police officer, Brig. Gen. Ephraim Bracha of the National Fraud Unit, about an ongoing investigation against the nonprofit that he heads called Hazon Yeshaya, as The Real Deal has reported.

The state prosecutor — rather than police — informed Pinto of the case against him, a source told Israel Hayom, because Bracha’s officers are investigating the alleged crime.

Pinto has come under tight scrutiny for his growing influence in U.S. political and financial circles, as well as the financial dealings of many of his associates. The attention  also has focused on the substantial real estate deals linked to the rabbi, sources previously told The Real Deal. [Israel Hayom]Hiten Samtani

  • yobaby

    Dont worry, no bubbas in isrealy prisons that want kosher meat.

  • Dan

    now why is that real estate realated….?

  • Common Sense

    Because believe it or not, there are industry bigs who rely on his blessing of deals. He has materialized many re deals in nyc.

  • Homeirt16

    Because ilan bracha of keller Williams built his business by pinto hand. because ofer yardeni wont buy a building without pinto the crook blessing the deal. and because pinto pending indictment will likely see a domino effect of others falling with him because of how they built their businesses was less than kosher.

  • Buzmeg

    Finally the bullshit came out in the open , i just hope that all Pinto’s and his cronies will pay a hefty fine

  • Former Supporter

    This does not surprise me. Be careful with Rabbi Pinto’s organization especially his “secretaries” and other assistants. They also ask for money saying they represent the Rabbi and promise it will bring good luck.

    I have been cheated by them. They bring gifts saying it is a personal gift from the Rabbi and he wants thousands of dollars for it. If you are successful, it is because of the Rabbi and if you fail it is because you do not have enough belief in the Rabbi. Regardless, they will ask for more and more money until you realize it is a scam and then deny everything they told you and move on to the next victim…

    Please make sure to only give to legitimate organizations…