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Following arrest of agent for swindling, Rapid Realty to carry out its own investigation

July 19, 2013 09:30AM

In the wake of news that a Rapid Realty agent allegedly swindled clients out of more than $5,000, the brokerage is undertaking an extensive review of his books to determine whether he cheated more victims, DNAinfo reported.

Brian Fuller — who worked out of the Park Slope North office, at 177 Fourth Avenue, of the massive rental franchise — was charged last week with four counts of grand larceny and five counts of petit larceny. On Wednesday, Rapid Realty released a statement saying the company has “zero tolerance” for agents who violate the law or take advantage of clients.

“We take these matters very seriously, and will do everything in our power to ensure that justice is served for the victims of this crime,” a Rapid spokesperson said.

The New York Department of State is carrying out its own investigation into Fuller’s alleged crimes, which will also look into whether Rapid was privy to the scam. “The investigation will encompass the brokerage, their knowledge of the alleged acts and related details,” a DOS spokesperson told DNAinfo in a statement.

Rapid has about 900 agents working at 62 locations, including offices in New Jersey, Boston and San Diego. Several employees recently made a dramatic statement of fealty to the brokerage by getting tattoos of the company logo, as The Real Deal reported.  [DNAinfo]Hiten Samtani

  • yobaby

    Wait; when the DOS strengthens their no advertising policy, this whole firm plus many other smaller firms will go bye bye. Wont have any listings. Most landlord wont give written permission because they will be afraid of liability. I see a mass exodus from real estate by many agents.

  • Reade St


  • How Could you

    Now he can get a prison job and after that a factory job. Nice going for 5k.

  • Jimmy Endresss

    Rapid(ly Declining) Realty

  • louis V III


  • Charlie

    This has been going on for years, check the yelp reviews. I dont think this was the only agent, this way of doing business is part of their culture.

    • N. Rodriguez

      Sadly, it happens everywhere not just at Rapid. Look up reviews for all other companies & you will see that Rapid is not the only one with negative reviews. Furthermore, you will see that we have many positive reviews as well (see filtered reviews). I know your response might be “positive ones are fake”.. If I’m correct, I welcome you to come to my office so we can contact every single one of the clients & confirm they’re real.

      I can only speak for myself, even though I know many share the same feelings. I have no tolerance for that type of behavior. I do everything I possibly can to ensure everyone is taken care of properly. To ensure all agents do the right thing at all times. Unfortunately, you can’t control what others do at all times- all I can do is ensure those who break the rules are penalized for it. This is simply one example or proof of the fact that I (we) are doing right by our clients/ consumers. NR.

  • How Could you

    Rabid Realty…

  • Anton Lol

    This is just the tip of the iceberg with Rapid Realty. The whole company is essentially a big Ponzi scam, where none of the offices actually turn a profit, except anthony lolli gets to line his pockets off of the constant, consistent, persistent shady and unethical deals that nearly every agent at the company conspires in. and let’s not think for a second that the brokers are unaware of what goes on in their own office. shady dealings at rapid are not only tolerated, they are encouraged. The number of DOS investigations both filed and threatened to be filed against the company number in the hundreds just in the past year. if you’re renting an apt in brooklyn or wherever, you should do yourself a favor and stay far, FAR away from rapid realty. They will scam you out of your money rapidly. ha.

  • shadee lane

    hey real dizeal, what’s the deal with all the negative comments about rapid realty that are being removed from this page? is the real deal in shady cahoots with rapid?

    • LeighKampingCarder

      Hi shadee lane, thanks for your comment. Our policy is to remove any comments that contain personal attacks or offensive content. Additionally, we’ll delete comments from those who use other people’s names as their user IDs.

  • Ricardo

    sad story and unfortunate maybe people should stop using this company

    • N.Rodriguez

      I agree, sad & unfortunate. However, I disagree with the other statement. Rapid Realty has hundreds of agents, penalizing the good ones over a few bad apples is simply not ok. We have agents who love what they do & do right by their clients & the company.