Donald Trump claims he’s worth $8B; we got exclusive access to his books to find out

July 31, 2013 10:30AM

From the July issue: Donald Trump started out as a real estate developer, and property holdings do make up the lion’s share of his holdings (aside from his brand). The Trump Organization said it has a total of $2.9 billion worth of commercial and residential real estate. In addition to more than $74 million in real estate licensing deals, that includes $1.38 billion in New York City commercial buildings, $351.55 million in New York residential buildings and $823.3 million worth of real estate in joint ventures.

According to TRD’s research, however, these estimates may be slightly high. For example, while the Trump Organization values its combined interests in Trump Tower, Niketown, 40 Wall Street, 1290 Sixth Avenue and 555 California Street, located in San Francisco, at some $2.13 billion, industry experts said the total is likely closer to $1.86 billion.

This is an excerpt from “The $8 billion dollar man?” which originally appeared in The Real Deal’s July issue. To read the complete article click here.