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Stonehenge tenant falls to death from balcony

August 01, 2013 02:30PM

A woman fell to her death after her 17th-floor balcony railing gave way at a Stonehenge Partners-owned building that is likely the Stonehenge57 at 400 East 57th Street, the New York Post reported.

Jennifer Rosoff, a 35-year-old sales director at TripleLift and former editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, was out on the terrace having a cigarette with a male friend at around 12:30 a.m. when she sat on the railing, police sources told the Post. The railing then gave way, and Rosoff tumbled 17 stories before landing on construction scaffolding on the street. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Apartment Is Located On 57th Street, near First Avenue, the Post said, though the newspaper did not report a specific address.

The Department of Buildings will investigate any potential structural problems with the balcony, police told the Post. The incident itself remains under investigation.

Stonehenge, led by Ofer Yardeni and Joel Seiden, took over the building a year ago, according to residents cited by the Post.

“There have been a lot of improvements to the building but they [Stonehenge] inherited a very old building. Old pipes and things,” Sara Shubert, an eight-year resident of the building, told the Post. “They are the type of people who are pretty meticulous. So for the railing to just break is very surprising.” [NYP]Julie Strickland

  • Mooki

    How the hell is this real esate news? you guys are foolish and have nothing to report, this is woman who just got passed away, enough is enough.

  • Ganymede

    Hey Mooki, This is a tragedy involving a young woman’s very untimely death and a very prominent building. You should try to show a little humanity for this woman and her family. Stonehenge is one of the most responsible landlords in the city and I’m sure they are taking this accident very seriously.

    • Oouch

      Sorry, but this reads like a troll shilling for a landlord. “Stonehenge is one of the most responsible landlords in the city??” Yeah like Rudin, right.

  • no-permits

    some of the stories you guys post are classless. leave that sht for the daily news or the post.

  • Damn

    Reminds me of 330 e 39th st at New York Tower. seems like the old owner forgot to adhere to something or another. As I recall when the poor guy lost his life in a similar fashion, the city took a strong stance on this neglect of balconies. Or maybe it was an intentional cut by a previous tenant.

  • niki

    terribly tragic and sad. unfortunatly railings were also not meant to be sat on. so sad

  • Mark C

    A terrible tragedy for sure but as a resident of another Stonehenge bldg in the same neighborhood and portfolio, I have to say that I have found Stonehenge to be careful, responsible and proactive landlords. I think one should not rush to judgement too quickly.

  • Oouch

    There is a huge difference between “leaning on a balcony” and “sitting on a balcony.” In the only indirect quote included in the NY Post’s story, from the account of this poor woman’s date, she was described as having a cigarette and “LEANING ON THE BALCONY” which gave way. What smells disgusting, is that somewhere in this mix it would seem that a flack for Stonehenge/Yardeni put out that this woman was “siting” on the balcony. That’s a daredevil pose – a la “Catlady” or some similar Hollywood yarn. It’s a lot different than what likely occurred, a young woman shows her date the balcony and view so they can have a drink on their first date and disaster strikes from a building that should have either been repaired or more closely inspected. No blame being attributed here. But the flack floating the “sitting” on the balcony line from whatever source should be hunted down and questioned as to their source, and if it is Stonehenge and Yardeni, they will learn that such aggression can backfire very badly.

  • At least she got to see her date and have a smoke before the big fall.

    R.I.P. Jennifer Rosoff. You will be greatly missed at TripleLift.