Bloomberg renews push to rezone Midtown East: AUDIO

Argues rezoning will keep neighborhood competitive; reduce congestion in Grand Central
August 04, 2013 04:00PM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg once again laid out his argument for rezoning Midtown East in his weekly radio address.

In his speech on 1010 WINS News Radio, Bloomberg argued that rezoning the neighborhood would maintain Midtown East’s competitive edge and reduce congestion within Grand Central Station.

“Because of outdated zoning rules that effectively prevent new office buildings from being built in the area, East Midtown is losing its competitive edge to keep and attract businesses – and that could mean fewer jobs for New Yorkers and lost tax revenue,” he said. “At the same time, Grand Central is too congested, as anyone who has taken the 4/5/6 subway line knows all too well.”

Rezoning, according to Bloomberg, “would help tackle both of these issues.”

The Bloomberg Administration has submitted a rezoning proposal that would permit a limited amount of modern office space in the neighborhood “crucial to keeping the area a competitive, thriving business center.” In addition, the rezoning proposal “would improve the commute to and through Grand Central by easing train and commuter traffic at the station.”

“This new plan is a great deal for the City,” he added. “It’ll bring benefits to the public far more quickly, and they’ll be entirely paid for by developers attracting new businesses and jobs.”

To hear the audio, click here– James Comtois