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Macklowe’s 737 Park must stop harassing Holocaust survivor

Building management turned off utilities, damaged walls
August 06, 2013 09:30AM

Harry Macklowe has been ordered by a judge to restore essential services at 737 Park Avenue for a Holocaust survivor who is a longtime resident of the controversial building, the New York Post reported.

John Holzer, who has lived in the building at East 71st Street since 1980, claimed in a lawsuit in Housing Court that he had been without gas since January, according to the Post. The management of the building had also subjected him to “harassment,” he said, including intermittent shutdowns of electricity and holes punched in his walls.

The judge did not make a ruling on the harassment charge, but ordered certain violations corrected within 24 hours and gas restored within 30 days.

Macklowe’s lawyer, speaking in court, said this might not be feasible, according to the Post.

“We applaud Judge Cheryl Gonzales for requiring Mr. Holzer’s longtime home to be returned to a habitable condition,” Holzer’s attorney Adam Leitman Bailey told the Post.

A spokesperson for Macklowe declined to comment.

Macklowe purchased the building in partnership with CIM Group for $360 million in 2011, and has since moved to convert many of the rent-stabilized apartments into luxury condominiums. But although many of the rent-stabilized tenants accepted hefty buyout packages, Macklowe has been engaged in legal tussles with many other tenants. [NYP, 2nd item]  – Hiten Samtani

  • Frank C

    shame on him.

  • topgun

    blah, blah, blah. Lucky tenants who live off of everyone else causing problems and looking for press. I am sure he did not allow access for repairs. This story is getting tiring.

    • ergsergeg

      Interesting point Mr. Macklowe.

  • John L

    It ispretty disgraceful and the newly converted apartments are barely an improvement with poor quality and design yet asking astronomical prices. This landlord should be forced to pay damages to send a message that such behavior is unacceptable.

  • OTW

    Macklowe for the next president. He may have to ship all the elderly citizens to the moon so he can convert entire USA to condos. Some of you may remember that he was adding couple of floors illegally and got caught and had to demolish it. What a guy, upright citizen.

  • Richard

    The worst part is the lack of concern for the health and well being of tenants in condo conversion building. The real concern should be for the high levels of asbestos and lead found in the air at 737 Park that The Post mentions in its story. Since owners like Macklowe want to get rid of rent regulated tenants they have a perverse financial incentive to not take safety precautions and ensure clean and safe air for the tenants they want out. I just hope that a man who survived the holocaust can survive a slum lord scrooge like Macklowe.

    • Anonymoua

      Honestly, every time there is construction in one of these prewar buildings the junk flies into all of the other apartments. Not to mention the pollution caused by the traffic on Park Avenue and the express buses to the Bronx on 72nd Street. If you want to live in this area, you are breathing dirty air one way or the other.