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TV star Ortiz lands at Elliman after KWNYC firing

By Katherine Clarke | August 07, 2013 11:30AM

Luis D. Ortiz, the newest star of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” has officially signed on to work at Douglas Elliman, he told The Real Deal exclusively today.

Ortiz had been at Keller Williams NYC until last week, when the brokerage announced his firing; the company told TRD last week that it was uncomfortable with Ortiz’s association with the television show, which execs see as sensationalistic and not in line with the Keller Williams brand.

Ortiz declined to comment on Keller Williams’ claims but declared he is ready to “rock-and-roll” at Elliman alongside fellow TV star Fredrik Eklund. Ortiz will operate out of The 485 Madison Avenue office but will not be affiliated with any team at Elliman.

“I met [Elliman chairman] Howard Lorber, and through Howard, met [Elliman President Dottie Herman], and I knew right away that I could learn so much from them,” Ortiz said, referencing a meeting he had with Lorber at Cipriani downtown. “The professionalism and powerful reach of Douglas Elliman gives me the platform to grow in.”

In a statement, Herman called Ortiz a “rising star.”

“We think he’ll be tremendous here with us at Elliman,” Herman said. “We couldn’t be happier to have him.”

Ortiz was chosen by the Bravo cable channel to star in season two of the real estate-themed television program after Lorber’s son, broker Michael Lorber, dropped out of the show. The show has been renewed for a third season.

The Puerto Rico-born broker attended the New York Film Academy before doing stints at Blackstone Properties, the Prodigy Network and Synergy New York.

His deals include a $12.5 million duplex at the Apthorp on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a $6.1 million unit at 165 Charles Street and a $7.4 Million Downing Street townhouse. shows that Ortiz has no active sales listings.

Bravo declined to comment on Ortiz’ move and Keller Williams declined to add to its statement on Ortiz’ departure, which read: “Keller Williams’ position on real estate reality TV aligns with Brown Harris Stevens’ and Corcoran’s — “this brand of realty is a far cry from reality.” We wish Luis all the best in his future endeavors.”

  • E. Weinstein

    love it! great move luis wish you all the best.

  • Damn

    Perfect place to go to learn more about photo-shopping property

  • no-permits

    keller williams does not belong in NYC.

    • Katherine Clarke

      Thanks for your comment, no-permits. Why do you think KW doesn’t belong in the city?

      • jon

        I agree no-permits
        I will answer just because KC.
        They are a firm in middle America and in the suburbs and don’t belong in the city.
        just another franchise in the city and the Brooklyn franchise is just appalling.
        Also, the agents are unprofessional and tacky.

  • Stoker

    Elliman always takes on those fired by other firms… Speaks volumes about their core principals.

    • Charlotte Friedman

      NOP….Elliman takes on those who will make money for them

      • Mike

        It is a business.

    • jon

      that is true Stoker. Elliman has no principals or ethical standards they will take anyone and will never fire anyone.
      that’s why they have thousands of agents most do nada.

  • REInvestor

    it is amazing, guess Elliman will take anyone.

    • Mike

      Really as an invester how can you make a comment like that.Out of all three brokers he is down to earth.My only problem is his association with Fred.

    • jon

      true REinvestor they do take anyone
      Luis? down to earth?
      He’s clueless and I will continue to work the same old tricks at Elliman
      just watch.KW fired him for a reason!!!

      • Pat

        ^^^ It should be obvious that KW didn’t fire the guy and DE hired him the very next day.

        He was leaving, said goodbye, asked KW to fill out the forms to move listings. KW was embarrassed and humiliated to lose a high profile producer. Of course their PR people had to think of
        something…voila…A preemptive press release.

        The KW PR and management folks had no choice, having no comment, or saying “Ummm….a $75M producer just
        left us for a bigger, better company” would be bad.
        So they went with the, “Well, umm, ahhh, we didn’t want him anyway. Yes we were in a committed relationship, but we at KW didn’t see the first season….ahhh….and….ummm….we had no idea that when we signed off on the contract that Reality TV might be sensational….so we broke up with him first!”

        Coffee is closers….no more Kool-Aid for Luis.

  • Meadow Lane

    DAHHH…Dotti Herman (a true ‘big hitter’) left Elliman. When did she make this statement?

    • R.E. Biz

      Dolly Lenz left Elliman, not Dottie Herman.

      Get your real estate facts straight!

      • Charlotte Friedman

        LOL… some like it mixed up… then they swear by thier own facts…

        • Katherine Clarke

          It was Dolly Lenz who departed Elliman a few months ago, Meadow Lane.

  • Vince –

    I met Luis at the Million Dollar Mixer event at the Gansevoort Hotel’s roof top party promoted by He was really cool and down to earth…

  • Joseph Aquino

    Luis has great energy. You can’t fake that and he’s got
    plently of it. I was pleased to finally meet him and I told him so.

  • Charlotte Friedman

    He went to a better firm, but will they clean up his act? We shall see.

  • Cedar Cat

    “Reality” TV is stupid and who cares anyway? A young kid with a good spiel.


    It cracks me up how the “news” is about the shows on TV! Hilarious.

    We have really hit the apex of capitalism – it’s now ALL about money and nothing else.

    • Captain Obvious

      You are on a site about real estate – that’s capitalism.

      • Cedar Cat

        Capitalism is fine. My point was more about the death of journalism. Infotainment has replaced it, being more profitable. The profit motive does not always produce the best result for the good of the people.

  • Luis Alvarez

    I’m excited to see his production in Elliman. He has the energy needed to get to the top in this business. Good Luck to him!

  • jon

    Herman calls him a “Rising Star???
    HA! Has she ever seen the show?
    Wake up Dottie.
    Just goes to show you that Elliman will take anyone. What a joke Luis is!

  • corporate prop.

    it is funny how keller williams would fire a great profit maker like Luis….apparently he was not selling good enough or keller williams management are idiots….and i vote for the second….they are idiots…i for one hope he goes to elliman and “rocks and rolls”.
    best to you luis….m

  • irish_temper

    Real estate agents and their “profession” are a complete waste-better yet, they know it and still take your money because you’re an idiot to contact them. There is no magic in calling an owner and viewing a property. There is no magic in due diligence, checking land records, etc. By law, they can’t even do a lot of the important leg work. And, if it means losing a listing or sale- mouth closed! Money, money for nothing, but your home problems will remain-“I know nothing” theory.
    There is zero need for a “licenced order taker” to present an offer to a seller when the buyer can do it. With the Internet, trulia, etc.- most people, even wealthy, find what properties they want to see. Again, i refer to the order taker. What’s their role? To take 6% of a sale they didn’t create. I could say so much more about the ethics of the game playing, but my blood pressure is sky rocketing. Away with this slimy job.

    • nocommissions

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve bought and/or sold 11 properties over the last 7 years and have never used an agent for those transactions! Not only did I not pay a 6% commission but most of the selling was done at full ask. You can get an MSL listing number for a small flat fee which is where most buyers are going to look for potential properties. The few times in my life I have worked with agents ( “top agents in their offices and regions” btw) I found them to be rather useless either not really listening to what I wanted and was willing to spend as a buyer, or trying to get a low ball offer accepted as a seller just to make the sale. Do it yourself …

  • Just telling it

    Keller Williams is all over Shahs of Sunset, even the recent season… how come they are comfortable with a show that offends some members of an ethnic group, but not a show about real estate deals?

  • Therealdan McKelvey

    KWNYC can’t Fire you…They can send your license back.. They are a piece of shit company, Nationwide….

  • Gentrifying Hipster

    Yet another example of why a completely different set of brokerages dominate NYC than the ones dominating the rest of America.