Red Hook man converts dumpster into apartment

August 10, 2013 12:00PM

One man has transformed a dumpster into an apartment in Red Hook, according to the New York Post.

Gregory Kloehn, a California-based designer, has converted a $2,000 trash bin and now stays there when he’s in New York. The Post did not say how much he spent on converting the space into living quarters.

He added wheels to the bottom for transportation and carved out a door on the side to enter and exit. But not only that — the mini-apartment also has a bathroom, bed, kitchen and sundeck. So although the living quarters are tight, it is indeed a fully-functioning and livable apartment.

The water that flows from the sink faucet and that funnels into the toilet comes from a six-gallon tank that Kloehn installed on the roof. The tank also fuels an outdoor shower.

In addition, inside the dumpster apartment is a small seating area and small sleeping space.

“It just hit me,” Kloehn said on HGTV’s “You Live in What?” show. “I thought, hey this is the perfect shape for a home.” [NYP] – James Comtois