New Yorkers to spend 24 hours in mini-apartment

August 10, 2013 04:00PM

The Museum of the City of New York will present a series in which five people have been selected to spend 24 hours in a 325-square-foot apartment, DNAinfo reported.

As part of the Upper East Side museum’s program, “Living Large While Living Small,” the five guests will take turns spending a day living in a fully built micro apartment within the museum, located at 1220 Fifth Avenue, at 103rd Street.

The program takes place in the final month of a micro-apartment exhibition entitled “Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers,” which also includes demonstrations on how to cook, organize and decorate in small living spaces.

Participants in this experiment include two people with their own single beds, testing out what it’s like to be roommates starting out in New York in a micro-unit on Aug. 16. Another two who live as a couple will demonstrate what it’s like to live with a romantic partner in a micro-unit on Aug. 17.

Finally, one woman will demonstrate what it’s like to live in the apartment as a single person on Aug. 18.

“The temporary ‘residents’ will greet visitors, discuss their experiences, and live overnight in the unit. Visitors can track their progress through the Museum’s and the participants’ social media channels,” the museum’s release said. [DNAinfo] – James Comtois