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Park Avenue church on brink of massive residential conversion

Plans call for 17 units spread over 16 floors

Park Avenue Christian Church will soon give way to a massive residential conversion, according to the blog BuzzBuzz Home.

The five-story structure on East 85th Street will grow by more than ten times its current size, the blog said, citing a plan exam application filed Aug. 9 with the Department of Buildings. The resulting structure will be a 16-floor building with 17 units. The identity of the developer was not immediately clear.

The church will go from a 9,546-square-foot house of worship to a sprawling 104,579-square-foot residential site. Designed by Keith Goich, the emergent digs will include building amenities such as saunas, a playroom, gym, an outdoor recreation area, and a private terrace.

Park Avenue Christian was inspired by La Sainte Chapelle in Paris and boasts, for the time being, Tiffany stained-glass windows. [BuzzBuzzHome]Julie Strickland

  • Truth

    If they do things correctly, this could be incredible.

  • Damn

    What a shame. Shame on the clergy who allows such blasphemy to occur. Hell as a special place for you and its coming.

  • Alex the Great

    I went to nursery school there – sad to see it go. But I have heard that it has had tough financial times for years.

  • Olivia

    What a misleading article! Only the non historic day school building will be touched, not the church itself!

  • Joe

    The amazing thing about this is that they just told the school parents in the last two days!

    • Todd

      How could that be true? Where are all the kids going to go to school?

      • Joe

        It is true. They knew all summer long and waited until just before school started to tell people so they would have no choice but to stay enrolled I the school which will have a temp location.

  • Prof

    A school and/or a church, corrupted by a pact with the Devil (aka a “developer), with NO scruples or morals… Imagine THAT!

  • ejpe1128

    I am curious to know why all of these supposedly “well-connected, wealthy” parents who are SO concerned about their children’s education had absolutely no idea of what was going on behind the scenes. Perhaps self-absorption is the reason….

    • ryanov

      It’s fun to make up stories that support your world view, but I have no horse in this race and I can tell you that it was kept completely secret. The staff of the school wasn’t even told, see?