NYC unaffordability map reveals a few pricey surprises

August 20, 2013 02:30PM

Stratospheric prices in Nolita are hardly news these days, but a new dynamic map detailing the median home sales price of New York City digs reveals a few expensive, outer borough outliers.

Apparently areas along Kissena and Parsons Boulevards in Flushing — areas adjacent to Queens College — are among the city’s up-and-coming hip ‘hoods, gentrifying at a faster rate than their neighbors. The area is an evolving Queens version of Greenwich Village, perhaps?

The map’s darkest purple markings designate neighborhoods in which homeowners are paying high prices while their neighbors make a relatively small amount. East Williamsburg, notably, makes up an intensely purple region of the map.

In compiling data, Property Shark told Gothamist it used census tracts, taking residential sales closed in 2012 and 2013 with prices over $50,000 into account.

“Also we only mapped census tracts that had four or more sales in order to have a median sale price as accurate as possible,” Property Shark told Gothamist. “Due to these filters and also because some census tracts comprise only rentals or other commercial properties, you will find gray areas on the map with no data available.” [Gothamist]Julie Strickland