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Quinn calls Extell’s “poor door” discrimination

August 21, 2013 01:11PM

New York City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is calling for the state to intervene on Extell Development’s controversial plan to have a “poor door” for lower-income renters at the new 40 Riverside Boulevard building.

In a letter sent yesterday to state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, state Senate Majority Leaders Dean Skelos and Jeffrey Klein, Quinn said she “won’t stand for this or discrimination of any kind.”

Managers of the 33-story tower requested millions in tax breaks through the 421a tax abatement program, which offers incentives for projects with low- and middle-income units. Quinn said Extell’s plan “negates the inclusiveness the program seeks to create,” the New York Post reported.

Manhattan City Council member Robert Jackson unveiled a bill requiring developers who receive any form of an affordable-housing subsidy to provide the same services for all tenants, the newspaper said.

The building, also being developed by the Carlyle Group, will have one entrance for the condominium buyers, whose residences will face the Hudson River, and another for the tenants, who will live in affordable rental units. It is to have 274 units, 219 of which will sell as condos and 55 of which will rent to individuals who make 60 percent or less of the area median income, about $51,540, as previously reported.

Extell did not comment to the Post on the matter. [NYP]Mark Maurer

  • Patrick


  • Howard

    She just lost my vote…

  • Lee

    You get what you pay for…

  • Graveshift

    The “Poor Door” is very catchy but to call it discrimination is not only problematic but it would defeat the true purpose of inclusionary housing bonuses – to persuade developers to utilize it and build affordable housing in exchange for a bonus FAR or tax breaks. Developers would never choose to utilize the bonus if they were to have their market rate prices affected by a “One Door” policy. I would assume a 10-20% price adjustment would be factored in if 7 and 8 figure condo owners were to deal with likely Riff Raff in the lobby and common areas 24/7. I have seen it firsthand in “One Door” 80/20 luxury rentals. Quinn was the advocate behind Rudin’s grand slam St. Vincents deal which is selling out at record breaking numbers yet she wants to sell her soul to get votes after losing her lead to de Blasio?

  • Scared Landlord

    Landlords are in for a treat if this lady becomes the next mayor

  • Jay

    She’s lost mine a long time ago..

  • Ben

    I hate her

  • Lynne

    If I were paying millions of dollars for a nice apartment in NYC, I would not want to share the lobby and commom areas with people who are renting and getting a break from the city. I support affordable housing, but I don’t think that the housing’s lottery winners should enjoy the same previleges as someone who has worked very hard to safe money to buy a luxury home. Plus, those people have friends and family who will visit them and I would not want my children exposed to inner city behaviors. It has nothing to do with discrimination, but it does have to do with education and class. Those people should be just happy living in a nice building.

  • Walter

    So Quinn thinks that not only should landlords be forced to provide subsidized housing, which in reality is paid for by the costs of all of the other apartments in each building costing more, but that doormen and gyms and other “amenities” are a “right” as well? What she is saying, then, is that this is not about “affordable” housing but a concept of total socialism in New York…everyone deserves everything regardless of work ethic or any other standard. Where will it end Mrs. Mayor-elect?

  • victor

    she is a socialist

  • marknroses

    If anything, the poor door should motivate those lucky bastard lottery winners to work harder so they will one day move next door (or a better place).

  • tim

    since when is a family making the median income riff raff? it is not discrimination persee, but don’t these tenants deserve to be treated with respect?