UWS co-op board sues over resident’s sunroom

August 26, 2013 03:57PM

A makeshift sunroom in the Oliver Cromwell co-op building at 12 West 72nd Street is stirring up a fuss among building residents.

Resident Alison Hilary Bickford is battling the building’s co-op board over a sunroom addition to her west-facing terrace, which neighbors complain has allowed rain to trickle in, plaster to fall and mold to form.

Bickford, for her part, refutes the board’s claims. And while her architect Scott Hensen agreed that the addition is supported by a concrete slab that “is not adequate to support the glass structure,” he pointed to structural issues with the building itself as the cause, in a letter in the New York State Supreme Court suit.

Bickford, in fact, wants the board to pay to repair the addition. That seems unlikely, however, as the board asserts that it has already spent $100,000 repairing damages from the leaky sunroom.

Bickford declined to comment to the New York Post. [NYP]Julie Strickland