NY Jets, Giants’ suit to stop Meadowlands will proceed

August 28, 2013 02:02PM

A New Jersey judge has declined to dismiss a lawsuit the New York Giants and New York Jets brought against Triple Five Group’s proposed American Dream Meadowlands megamall.

Thanks to the decision by State Superior Court Judge Peter Doyne, the suit against the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority and developer Triple Five Group will now move forward.

The lawsuit claims that Edmonton-based Triple Five and the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority, in their planning of the megacomplex, were in violation of a 2006 agreement over the mall’s original design.

Formerly dubbed Xanadu, the mall was originally supposed to open in 2007 but stalled during the financial downturn. Until Triple Five took the reins in late 2010, the project was dormant for a number of years. [WSJ via AP] — Julie Strickland