Park Slope restaurant waiting a year for building permit

August 29, 2013 04:14PM

A delay in renovation permits from the Departments of Buildings has prevented the Mexican restaurant chain Calexico from getting cooking in Park Slope.

Calexico partner Jesse Vendley said he has been waiting for about a year to obtain permits for “simple renovations” at the Fifth Avenue space, near First Street.

Plan inspectors reviewed the Calexico proposal filed in December 2012 several times before rejecting it in May, a DOB spokesperson told DNAinfo. The spokesperson did not provide a reason for the rejection. Architect Thomas Kowalski then had to submit revised plans.

“[We] are 100 percent focused on bringing great food at a great price point to Park Slope,” Vendley told the website. “This is one of the world’s great neighborhoods, and we are absolutely thrilled to be setting down roots here. We’re just sorry we couldn’t do it quicker.”

Calexico has two Brooklyn locations at the moment: 645 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint and 122 Union Street in Red Hook. [DNAinfo]Mark Maurer