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SUNY may not comply with court at LICH

September 01, 2013 02:00PM

The emergency room at Long Island College Hospital could be reopened as soon as Tuesday, after Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Carolyn Demarest ordered ambulances back to the financially-troubled building immediately after Labor Day. However, the State University of New York, which lost control of the building estimated to be worth $1 billon, has not yet revealed if it intends to comply.

According to Brooklyn Paper, when asked if ambulance service, the intensive care unit and the full emergency department will be reopened by the court ordered date of September 3, university spokesperson Robert Bellafiore said:

“Do you know what you’re going to eat for lunch next Tuesday? That’s like saying that [New York Yankees owner George] Steinbrenner ordered the Yankees to win the World Series and so they will.”

Bellafiore added that the state is “working in good faith with all the judges to settle all the issues surrounding Long Island College Hospital.”

The Cobble Hill hospital had come under SUNY’s management back in 2011. It subsequently lost control of the buillding in court in August. [Brooklyn Paper] Christopher Cameron

  • BklynSenior

    When the usually glib Mr. Bellafiore can come up with nothing better than George Steinbrenner, it certainly sounds like SUNY is in trouble.

  • Josefina Novarro

    Stop playing games and give us the residents back they have hardly anything to do at SUNy campuis stop sabotaging LICH or end up in JAIL

    • Downstate Resident

      The residents are gone and do not want to come back. We were treated like #### by the folks at LICH. Get a life LICH

      • Remsen Street Dweller

        Very funny, Mr. BS Resident. All SUNY has been doing for the last nearly three (3) years is plotting to kill off LICH.

  • agoraks

    court orders you to return what you stole.. you comply..or go to jail…period.

  • j

    SUNY Downstate took it upon itself to shut down LICH’s nursing school, the xray tech program & the medical resident training program. Now in a Wall St Journal article on Aug 30, it claims that LICH is a burden that has “no clinical training or educational benefit” & therefore it’s supposedly not worth keeping open. How they can get away with this kind of sabotage is beyond me. Somebody needs to tell them that you can’t deliberately go shut down your electricity & then insist on boarding up your house because the lights won’t go on.

  • Manny

    Mr. Bellafiore and his clowns has not in a way worked in good faith, with all the contempts , sabatoge off all clinics , staff , doctors , nurses and all of its patience. So he can take that good faith Bull S–t and his idiotic yankee comment to hell. Not to mention how much this idiot gets paid to lie and make these sensless comments. Just give back all you took and go fix your problems over at a so called Suny down state that you idiots also mishandled. I just can’t to see you guys get the hell out of LICH and stop disrupting peoples lives. You guys all need to go to jail.

  • Law&Justice

    Outsiders should never run our hospitals. They dont’t care about our communities. They just financially rape and destroy our communities..stealing jobs without caring for the welfare and health of our communities. No wonder the unemployment rate in Brooklyn is so high. We are the first to be laid off while these intruders still have their high paid jobs…taking their fat paychecks home to economically build up their own communities. Seems like I’m speaking about SUNY Downstate. Where do their leadership come from…..hmmmmmm.

    • nombre

      Theuir leadership comes from the Governor – the same governor that is promoting internships for students to train them in healthcare jobs at the same time he’s shutting down hospitals all over the state.

  • Mike Obermuller

    STOP WITH THE FAIRY TALES LICH PEOPLE. The 990 IRS tax statements from LICH shows a $22-million loss in 2010 and $32-million loss in 2009, with a $26-million loss for 2008. LICH is a money pit and will be in bankruptcy in six months. LICH is loosing money hand over fist. You may have had a judge rule illegaly but it will be over turned. The state of New York will give you money when pigs fly or 15-20 years what ever the extent of the appeals when LICH is dead and burried.

  • nombre

    Seriously, Bob? Is that the best you can do for your $12000 per month spokesman fee that “broke” SUNY is paying you? You’re insulting the intelligence of all Brooklynites with ridiculous analogies that show just how disrespectful & arrogant SUNY continues to be towards Brooklyn residents. Just so you know, there’s a BIG difference between George Steinbrenner & 2 NY Supreme Court judges. George can order whatever he wants but he has no control over whether or not it happens. When A COURT OF LAW orders something, the JUDGE does have the control – there is no choice about whether to comply. A judge ordering SUNY to provide the medical staff to care for patients at LICH is very different from a baseball owner demanding a home run, & you even suggesting that it’s the same thing reveals the utter contempt that you & SUNY have for this community. Comply with the court, give us back our hospital & Get Out of Cobble HIll.

  • Tom

    The court order is a joke. SUNY is the State of New York, what can you do to them? Nothing! They will appeal and run this out for the next 15-20 years in a court and then settle with who ever is still living. King Cuomo has given the orders and no one in SUNY will be touched. SUNY knows on appeal any judgement will most likely be overturned. LICH is a money pit and now that it is not a state entity it can be forced into bankruptcy and disposed of despite what the folks down at LICH think. You would be a fool to go to LICH for medical care.