Bloomberg’s Seaport City is high-end scam: FiDi panel

September 11, 2013 08:59AM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed Seaport City is really nothing more than a luxury development scheme masquerading as a storm shield for Lower Manhattan, according to the community board for the Financial District.

Members of Community Board 3 leveled the charge against Bloomberg last night at a panel that discussed the plan for the neighborhood modeled after Battery Park City. Their skepticism has been fueled by Bloomberg himself, who describes the multibillion-dollar project as an economic development tool as well as a protection against furious weather, the Lo-Down reported.

The New York City Economic Development Corp. is moving forward with a feasibility study for the development, which would be just south of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Dan Zarrilli, the city’s resiliency director, told the board members that plans for the new neighborhood are preliminary and assured them that the city has no preconceived notions about the project. Still, his words did nothing to appease long-term community activists.

“You come here and it’s the fear” of another disaster, said David McWater, co-chair of CB3′s land use committee. “The only way to deal with (rising sea waters) is to build luxury housing” and to say to “the little people who got hurt in (Hurricane Sandy), the billionaire (developers) are coming in. It sticks in my craw.”

Board Chairperson Gigi Li pointed out that any revenue from Seaport City would go into a general city fund and would not directly benefit the are. [Lo-Down]  – Hiten Samtani