Elliman broker tackles wallet thief in Madison Square Park

September 16, 2013 03:23PM

Douglas Elliman broker and former soccer pro Todd Crittenden saved the day by tackling a wallet-snatcher who robbed a breast-feeding mom in Madison Square Park.

Harvey Brown, 47, nabbed the woman’s wallet around 5:20 p.m. Saturday, police said, while she was nursing her baby.

Crittenden told police he didn’t see the actual theft, but he saw the thief racing down the lawn with another man chasing him.

“I was a [soccer] defender, so I know how how to hit people— and your strength comes from your waist,” Crittenden told the New York Post. “Once you know how to do it, you know how to do it. I just knocked him over.”

Crittenden, who told the Post he played lower-level professional soccer in Arizona, was a central defender, “the last guy in front of the goal. I’m the one who has to stop everyone,” he told the Post.

The broker said he emerged from the incident with only “a little bump” on his head.

Brown, for his part, was arrested. His arraignment was Sunday, with bail set at $5,000. [NYP] Julie Strickland