New NYCHA board unlikely to last past Bloomberg’s term

September 26, 2013 01:57PM

The New York City Housing Authority’s new board was in place as of Wednesday, but it is unlikely the seven-person crew will be around for long. With only three months left in Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure, the group may well be removed and replaced by his successor.

Republican hopeful Joe Lhota even said that if he’s elected, each appointee will have to submit his or her resignation upon his arrival because he “believes strongly in a fresh approach that will bring in people from all five boroughs who will look at serving the people of the city in a new light.” A recent change allows the mayor to fire board members — with cause but without a hearing.

Bill de Blasio, Lhota’s Democratic rival, has said in the past that he would fire NYCHA Chairman John Rhea if he is elected.

“We need new leadership at NYCHA and a mayor ready to own the responsibility of protecting our 600,000 tenants,” he told the New York Daily News through a spokesman.

As for Bloomberg, spokesperson Julie Wood told the Daily News that the ball is now in the mayor-to-be’s court.

“The mayor’s position is that these board members are excellent,” she said. “The next mayor will have to make his own judgment.” [NYDN]Julie Strickland