Victoria’s Secret model trashed luxury Soho rental: suit

September 27, 2013 06:17PM

Victoria’s Secret model Julie Ordon, in a decidedly non-angelic bout of behavior, allegedly skipped out on $32,000 in monthly rent after trashing her luxury Soho rental.

The native Swiss model, who has also graced the runways of Chanel and the pages of Playboy, joined forces with French hubby David Mimran in racking up more than $150,000 in damage to their fourth-floor condo at 500 Greenwich Street from 2009 to 2012, a new lawsuit cited by the New York Post claims.

Among the casualties are a hand-loomed Nepalese rug worth $18,000, three missing flat-screen televisions and stained maple wood flooring, the landlord told the Post.

“This is an unfortunate situation of people believing that they can get away with anything,” Joshua Price, the landlord’s lawyer, told the Post. “My client asserts that these two individuals ran out on their rent bill and destroyed valuable antiques on their way out the door.”

In total, the landlord wants $10,000 for late charges, $96,000 in unpaid rent, almost $5,000 in allegedly stolen property and $20,000 in legal fees — in addition to $153,351 in property damage.

Ordon, for her part, told the Post the landlord is only after her cash.

“I think in America, it’s very easy to do lawsuits and get money from everyone for no reason,” she said. “There was problems with the oven, with the fridge, with the air. We even had water damage from the rooftop. It leaked all over my shoe and bag collection — I had Birkins and Louis Vuittons that got ruined.” [NYP] Julie Strickland