REBNY-backed PAC primed to jump into state races next year

September 30, 2013 12:42PM

Jobs for New York, the political action committee backed by the Real Estate Board of New York, is looking to become a player in next year’s state elections after spending nearly $7 million to influence City Council races this year.  All 213 members of the New York State Legislature are up for election next year, and if REBNY chooses to donate to candidates through the PAC, it would represent a shift away from the direct-donation strategy that real estate executives have used for several years at the state level.

“It’s more efficient than giving to a campaign and relying on that campaign to spend the money wisely and efficiently,” a real estate insider unaffiliated with Jobs for New York told Crain’s. “I know donors historically have been disappointed when they see an upstate campaign that’s run inefficiently, like a candidate who loses a close race with lots of unspent funds in the bank.”

The PAC has not yet  made any decisions about the 2014 races but discussions are ongoing, a source close to the group told Crain’s.

“REBNY believes that the need for good jobs and more housing, and the tax revenue that results from such activity that will pay for vital government services, are just as important at the state level as the city,” a source close to the PAC told Crain’s.

A spokesperson for REBNY declined to comment to Crain’s. [Crain’s]  – Hiten Samtani