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Town’s Van Damm lands at Naftali Group

By Katherine Clarke | October 03, 2013 02:06PM

Town Residential executive Matthew Van Damm has scored a job with developer the Naftali Group, roughly a week after confirming he would take an “indefinite leave” from the residential brokerage.

Van Damm joined Miki Naftali’s firm as an executive vice president, the company told The Real Deal exclusively. In the new role, he’ll help the Naftali Group expand and diversify its real estate portfolio, which has grown in recent months to include properties in Chelsea, Gramercy and the Upper West Side.

“My move to development is a natural progression for me,” said Van Damm, who had previously focused on brokerage, in a statement. “It builds upon the highly specialized experience I have garnered over the past decade. I admire the business that Miki and the Naftali team have built in a very short amount of time and respect their approach to development.”

Neither party would elaborate on his new responsibilities. Town CEO Andrew Heiberger declined to comment.

Van Damm’s jump comes after he said in late September that he would take a leave of absence from Town, where he served as the brokerage’s director of operations, citing personal problems. At Town, he helped spearhead leasing at CIM Group’s 15 William Street and sales at Extell Development’s the Aldyn. He had been one of the firm’s first recruits when it launched almost three years ago.

Among Naftali’s upcoming projects are new luxury condominiums at 206-210 West 77th Street on the Upper West Side, 245-267 West 25th Street in Chelsea, and at 234-238 East 23rd Street in Gramercy. The firm is also set to launch rentals at the Landmark Park Slope, a rental building at 267 Sixth Street in Brooklyn.

  • Mike

    ok, so lets get the facts straight once and for all. Matthew Van Damm did not “spearhead ” sales at 15 William. He only handled rentals. He also did not spearhead sales at Extell’s Ashley & Aldyn: Corcoran Sunshine did the sales, not Mr. Van damm nor Town. Citi Habitats handled the rentals and Mr. Van Damm did not spearhead rentals there either, someone else did. Mr. Van Damm never worked on 8 Spruce Street, New York by Ghery as he departed Citi Habitats before it was even under contract. Mr Van Damm was head of operations according to Town, head of New Developments. Why did it take over one month for Real Deal to report that he left Town when the minute anyone else goes its in print? Some indefinite leave, huh? Real Deal, enough with the favoritism. Any other writer would have gotten to the bottom of what is going on at Town ages ago.

    • Katherine Clarke

      Mike, we reported Van Damm’s departure from Town as soon as we learned of it. If you know that there is more to this story, please feel free to contact me at

      • Real Estate Sally

        More to the story? You’ve reported the facts, there is nothing else needed. Please do not become like the NY POST.

    • Sarah

      Van Damm is moving on, it’s called business 101. Congrats to him and his new role at Naftali. People including yourself should check bitter at the door and if TOWN is smart they will see Matt’s move as a great business opportunity for them.

      • Mike

        Bitter? Since when is pointing out misrepresentations bitter? integrity and truth still mean something and Town is notorious for misrepresenting just about everything. As far as the
        S being a great opportunity for Town? What business school did you go to? Oh, right, it’s called Town Public Relations 101.

      • Lisa

        Agreed, Sarah.

    • Real Estate Sally

      Matt was the sole purpose any of those projects came into existence. Maybe he departed when the project actually opened,but all of the contracts, negotiating and decisions on marketing were determined prior to Matt’s departure. How do I know? Because I worked on these projects and was hired by Matt. He is an amazing, charismatic, smart business man. I wish him much luck and success.

      • Matt

        Sally, Anna, youre a very misguided person. Being a friend to mr van damm is one thing but your statements are completely false. Citi Habitats can prove it I’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve worked with Matt Van Damm and think he’s great. Glad he’s found something new.

    • Real Estate Sally

      My sentiments exactly. He is an asset to anyone who acquires him.

  • Casey Keller

    Mike– Van Damm did pre-launch design development and strategy consulting for 8 Spruce, he worked on the Ashley and the Aldyn in the same capacity prior to leaving for Town. Citi-Habitats didn’t do any of these buildings, CHMG did which the entire group is now elsewhere whether at Town, Naftali or Elliman. The people who executed on Extell’s buildings are at Town, those executing on 8 Spruce are now at Elliman. CHMG no longer exists and citi-habitats does not have a proper new development division.

  • Elizabeth

    Sounds like Matt is doing what makes him happy – and that is what is important. If you have to cite “personal problems” then you should re-evaluate your definition of news.

  • clearly

    matt cheated.