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Jamestown brings Chelsea Market-style retail to LIC

October 04, 2013 10:55AM

Jamestown Properties, the owner and developer of the Chelsea Market, will bring a version of the market to the Falchi building in Long Island City. In April, Jamestown indicated that plans were in the works to convert the building, at 31-00 47th Avenue, to a market with artisanal vendors, as The Real Deal reported.

Jamestown has already signed up food purveyors such as Artisanal Premium Cheese to occupy the ground floor of the 638,712-square-foot building, the New York Daily News reported. Representatives for Jamestown declined to comment to the newspaper.

Amy’s Bread — which already has an outpost at the Chelsea Market — is also in talks to take space at the building, according to the Daily News.

“We’re hoping to do it,” owner Amy Scherber told the newspaper. “There’s not enough good food around [Long Island City].”

Jamestown paid a partnership consisting of Joseph Chetrit and principals of the Brooklyn-based commercial brokerage and landlord Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates about $80 million for the property last year. [NYDN]Hiten Samtani

  • George

    This is going to be great for LIC!

  • I Am Queens Blvd

    Do people realize where this building actually is? Two blocks off of Queens Blvd in an industrial part of LIC/Sunnyside that is east of the LIRR tracks so it is essentially cut off from Court Square and the “real” LIC down by the waterfront. This is not even conveniently located within walking distance for nearby Sunnyside. There is no residential surrounding it and the whole area is zoned M1-4 so residential is not in the foreseeable future. As much as I like the concept something doesnt add up…

    • George

      That’s a good thing man, developers will flock to the surrounding areas and develop residential properties to complement a development of this sort, don’t worry about Jamestown making money, they’ll be fine!

      • I Am Queens Blvd

        I welcome it but its not likely, at least in the near future. This area of queens is zoned for industrial manufacturing and the existing users either own their buildings or the buildings are mostly occupied leaving high barriers to entry. Any developer who can actually get their hands on a property will have to go through ULURP to get anything of value built and there is no guarantees with ULURP. Chetrit is a big-boy developer and he was happy to let someone buy it. I would love to have a chelsea market style project nearby but this project belongs west of the LIRR tracks or a 1/2 to 1 mile to the east in Sunnyside proper. Not trying to be a nay-sayer but i just dont see it especially since the people in LIC and Sunnyside will have to take a subway and walk a few blocks to get there.

        • George

          You make a very valid point, but I’m not entirely sure I agree with you on the zoning in the area, I believe that they allow for various different uses which would probably be “as of right”. Also, there are plenty of people that live in a 10 block radius from the site, just pull up the article that highlights all the developments on Purves street as well as Rockrose development at the previous Eagle factory. The Queens Plaza section has plenty of new residential towers going up, right at the foot of the Queensboro bridge. I think this project is two years away, plus the building will need a fair amount of exterior and interior remodeling which will take them a while. I also hear that there is a mall coming to LIC which should give people even more reason to hop on the train and come to LIC, hopefully from Manhattan and Brooklyn and not just other areas in Queens.

          • Crian Bashman

            The area is M1-4 and a IBZ. You won’t see any residential there any time soon.

  • silly commentary

    neither was Chelsea Market back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.