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HFZ Capital aims to add floors to Chatsworth Building

October 07, 2013 05:16PM

Not to be outdone by plans to top the nearby Apthorp with four penthouses, HFZ Capital wants to add additional floors to tony Upper West Side rental building the Chatsworth.

But Ziel Feldman, who purchased the 344 West 72nd Street building for $150 million earlier this year, is unlikely to have an easy sell, if community opposition to the Apthorp addition is any indication.

Community Board 7’s preservation subcommittee will hear more about HFZ’s plans on Thursday. [Curbed]Julie Strickland

  • whyzzit?

    HFZs proposal is to build on the roof of BOTH the Chatsworth’s 12 story, block deep towers, AND on top of the 8 story Chatsworth Annex next door. Both are designated NYC Individual Landmarks.The mausoleum-looking Trump monolith already towers over these buildings, robbing Riverside Park users of skies and light, perverting the scale of Riverside Drive, and destroying the architectural coherence of the Far West Side’s Historic District.
    So what’s a few more floors of trophy penthouses, my-view-just-stole-your-view megarich oneupmanship?

  • FightersCornerMan

    When you think youve seen it all yet again we face more construction, a violation of the spirit if not the letter of the Landmarks Law we in NYC have been so proud. Building on the roofs of the 340-344 buildings should be rejected by the Community Board as not only interferring with air and light, but as not being appropriate.