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Fisher and Lazenby: real estate’s new power couple

By Katherine Clarke | October 11, 2013 04:30PM

From the October issue: Real estate heir Winston Fisher, a partner at development company Fisher Brothers, escorted top Douglas Elliman broker Melanie Lazenby to a Details magazine bash last month at the Whitman condominium on Madison Square Park.

Lazenby — the listing broker for the $25 million, 6,500-square-foot penthouse where the party was held — confirmed that she and Fisher have been dating since May. [more]

  • Mike woods

    Seriously, WHO CARES. What’s the point of gossip like this? What power other than the size of Lazanby’s commision checks do they have? This is garbage and The Real Deal should be ashamed for posting stuff like this. I remember a time when this magazine was the go to place for actual real estate news. Now it’s all gossip, porn stars, male models, and housewives. Sad.

    • realstaledeal

      they keep piling on the garbage. it’s all over their facebook account, and even more prevalent on here. it’s really ridiculous any more.