Banksy decries 1 WTC as “104 floors of compromise”

October 28, 2013 11:21AM

The Latest Work By The Street artist known as Banksy is a response to the New York Times rejecting a proposed op-ed he wrote, condemning 1 World Trade Center. Banksy described the tower, in his rejected piece, as “104 floors of compromise.” He also said that the building “lacks any self-confidence,” and “looks like something they would build in Canada.” The tower, being built by the Durst Organization, is a suggestion that “the glory days of New York are gone,” Banksy accused, in the op-ed.

But after the Times declined to publish his piece, Banksy decided to put some graffiti on a truck in Sunset Park, Brooklyn instead, Gothamist reported.

A spokesperson for the Times confirmed to Gothamist that the newspaper had indeed rejected the submission, as “it didn’t agree on either the piece or the art” that accompanied the op-ed.

The Durst Organization is waiting to hear if a nonprofit that determines skyscraper height will rule whether the tower is indeed 1,776 feet tall, as the developers have claimed. [Gothamist]  – Hiten Samtani