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Despite populist platform, de Blasio pulls in real estate bucks

October 28, 2013 04:46PM

As mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio nears the finish line, several big names in the real estate industry are throwing in their support.

Though de Blasio has railed against luxury condominiums at the expense of affordable housing, Douglas Elliman super broker Raphael De Niro opened his wallet for the candidate, Crain’s reported, as did his colleague Leonard Steinberg. Ken Colao, president of CNY Builders, Sotheby’s International Realty broker Karen Heyman, Aaron Jugreis of Rosewood Realty Group and Brown Harris Stevens bigwig Kyle Blackmon have also rallied behind the populist candidate.

“He’s going to be the mayor whether they like him or not,” an insider told Crain’s of the last-minute round of support. “A third wants bragging rights that they supported him, a third thinks it’s an insurance policy against him coming after them and a third thinks it gives them the ability to call him up and yell at him.” [Crain’s]Julie Strickland

  • RealEstateRealist

    Crony capitalism is alive and well. Doesn’t matter what policies a candidate supports – the big money will get behind the favorite regardless. Why do you think Warren Buffet is so supportive of “taxing the rich”? Cause he gets to be the “sympathetic billionaire” and at the same time divert attention away from his private dealings. Our big government is simply a tool used by big businesses to protect itself from competition. I don’t blame the big businesses – I blame the corrupt governments for allowing themselves to be bought.

  • alex

    these are supposed to be smart businessmen more like big tools and dopes of this lunatic who unfortunately will be mayor – good luck selling anyhting when he ruins this city – fools!!!!