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Rapid Realty CEO’s “Lollisms” to live by: PHOTOS

November 04, 2013 03:29PM
By Julie Strickland

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Rapid Realty CEO Anthony Lolli, a rental market guru known for convincing his brokers — about 60 at last count — to get company logo tattoos, is no stranger to getting creative to motivate the troops.

But his most constant effort on that front, it turns out, involves a series of pictures and slogans that he calls “Lollisms.” Sprinkled all over his Facebook and Instagram pages, the GIFs — that is, Internet slang for a type of digital image — feature him, friends, co-workers, and even a rueful Anthony Weiner mugging for the camera below inspirational messages. Think motivational posters meets Grumpy Cat.

Most bubble with positive encouragement (“If you want the best the world has to offer, you have to offer the world the best”), while some get down to business (“Money talks so learn to speak fluently,” “The more you slack the less you stack”) and others coax through hard times (“Are you going through it or growing through it?” with Weiner).

“When you’re in the leadership business, you have to be pouring and oozing out positivity all the time,” Lolli told The Real Deal. “People look to you as their rock, their support. And that’s just in my DNA, to be positive no matter what the circumstances are.”

Lolli also draws some inspiration from his background as a Jehovah’s Witness, which he said may have inspired him to use illustrations along with his pearls of wisdom. As for the words themselves, he said he draws ideas from a variety of sources: a movie or something he heard in a rap song. “I jot it down, make notes and keep it in mind,” he said.

The reaction to his “Lollisms,” which he sometimes pumps out at a rate of several per day, has been huge. Lolli said that he has been crafting his GIFs “for a while,” and that his Facebook page and email inbox has grown fat with messages from thankful readers.

But Lolli has been surprised that the most popular GIFs haven’t been his ultra-positive messages or tongue-in-cheek quips.

“The ones that talk a lot about betrayal get the most reaction, I think because a lot of people are hurt by things – the economy, their employer, friends and loved ones,” he said. “Those are the ones that really resonate.”

  • re4life

    Like who even is this guy?

    • TheWhateverMan

      The CEO of Rapid Realty… What? Doesn’t meet your standards?

  • Scott

    My question is which marketing firm is in bed with TRD that they get this crap printed and posted online?

    • LeighKampingCarder

      Hi Scott, thanks for your question. We stumbled on these through Lolli’s Facebook page and thought they were hilarious — and coming from a CEO of a NYC real estate brokerage were absolutely worth posting. If there’s something out there that we’re missing, please do let us know: news at therealdeal dot com.

  • Scott

    So you are saying this was posted almost tongue in cheek? if yes i guess it makes sense. I just see you guys covering the same few firms with repeated articles and would love to see a more diversified coverage of the NYC real estate scene. Thanks

    • LeighKampingCarder

      Let’s say it was meant in a spirit of playfulness, rather than as hard news. But I take your point that we can always diversify our coverage. Thanks for the feedback!

  • jackdaniels2

    I think there was another one you missed.. “If you cant make it, fake it.”

  • Guest User

    I actually prefer these stories over ones about those “tools” who are on Bravo reality TV shows. At least this guy writes his own stuff.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Hey I read some of his stuff. Pretty cool. This dude did achieve great success. Congrats. Personally I think, first you need to beat laziness, fear and stupidity and you are a half way there. Don’t know about company logo tattoos. He must have really changed those peoples lives.

  • Jonas Rudofsky

    Brooklyn’s answer to Nietze

  • YoYo

    So basically he is a combination of a “quote of a day 365 days a year calendar” and a Notorious BIG who cant rap. Maybe next he can teach us all to do the hokie pokie

  • Ms Lynn

    You forgot to mention his agent who told me in order to view an ” one bedroom Garden Apt” I had to get there in one hour, bring a cash 1 month deposit or cashier’s check – never provided payee, to see the apt (which I did not bring) then proceeded to show me an One Room, grey concrete painted floors, cinder block basement with a worn kitchen sink, NO appliances, NO Closets, No visable Heating, a “shower area” NO Windows except for the small one on the door leading to the garden which I didn’t bother opening. Oh, but it had a toilet.

  • Jen Gardner

    This guy and his company are filled with pure crooks. Full of ghetto thugs who can’t act professional if they’re life depended on it. They have beer out in their offices, agents looked high when they went to show me an apartment, they are horrible.

  • dontpissmeoff

    Take it slowly lolli

  • Tyler Evenson

    If only this guy really lived by his quotes.