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Ex-Mets pitching ace Santana takes a hit on $3M condo sale

By Mark Maurer | November 06, 2013 01:16PM

UPDATED, 3:50 p.m., Nov. 6: Pitchers don’t generally shoot for home runs — and a home run this ain’t. Former Mets ace Johan Santana took a $10,000 hit on the sale of his Yorkville pied-à–terre, according to property records filed with the city today.

Santana bought the fifth-floor sponsor unit at 170 East End Avenue for $3.16 million in 2008, records show, and sold it for $3.15 million in a deal that closed Oct. 24.

The 34-year-old baseball player, who threw the first no-hitter in Mets history last year, is currently a free agent. Late last week, the Mets agreed to pay Santana a $5.5 million buyout to avoid being responsible for his $25 million option for next season.

The two-time Cy Young Award winner rarely used the condominium, and the oven and refrigerator went unused, Halstead Property Georgia Kaporis, who had the listing, told The Real Deal.

The three-bedroom in the Skyline Developers building featured 10-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and 1,750 square feet of space.

“Every single room faces [Carl Schurz Park],” Kaporis said. “Not every apartment has the views that this one had.”

The buyer, listed as 170 EEA 5H LLC, is a European man who paid all-cash and is looking to rent it out for $14,000 a month, Kaporis said. Russell Putterman of Focus Real Estate Group represented the buyer.

“I knew the deal was meant to be,”  Putterman said, “because my daughter [Alexa] was born the day of the no-hitter.”

Santana first listed it with Halstead in June 2012 for $3.875 million. He later chopped the price to $3.498 million in January, then to $3.35 million in May.

The 20-story, 110-unit building, built in 2009, also has a yoga room, pilates room, 40-seat screening room, arcade and a golf simulator. In December, pop singer Ricky Martin bought a four-bedroom unit at the building, between East 87th and 88th streets, for $5.9 million, as previously reported.

  • Sh!t My Tenants Say

    10K. real news!

  • MarkMaurerisdumb

    Georgia is no rocket scientist, but I doubt the accuracy of the following: “Every single room faces [Central Park],” Kaporis said. Sounds like Mark Maurer has a few things to learn about Manhattan geography.


      Thanks, we made the fix.

  • Yorkville Resident

    I am guessing it should be: Every room faces Carl Schurz Park

  • Schnizzle

    The guy just got paid $5.5 million NOT to pitch for the Mets next year, and was paid $137.5 million during his time with them and its considered taking a “hit” for losing ten THOUSAND dollars on his condo? SMH.

    • CKesten1

      A “hit” is common terminology for a loss, big or small. This is not even factoring in inflation and costs of maintaining the place over the last 5 years, so yes, he did not make any kind of return on this investment. Hence, a “hit.”

    • CKesten1

      Also, a 43 year old should not be using acronyms like “SMH”

      • Schnizzle

        I don’t know who the hell you are, not sure why you think you know my age. Are you the high and mighty internet police?

        • Guest

          GFY. CKesten1 is my soulmate, my light, my reason for being. If he says you are 43, then you must be 43. He is never wrong.