Broker-blogger Malcolm Carter chucks “lackluster” real estate career for Cambodia

November 14, 2013 03:00PM

Real estate broker and prolific blogger Malcolm Carter is getting out of Gotham. Formerly a broker at Charles Rutenberg Realty, Carter said he is fed up with a real estate market where, as he put it, agents only “open and close doors.”

Carter, who has made something of a name for himself with a personal blog that details auctions and other real estate news, said his business “never reached the heights that I had achieved in D.C., Maryland and Virginia,” he wrote in a Brick Underground blog post. “Moreover, the practice of real estate here left me yearning for the level of involvement that it requires in the Washington area, where agents and brokers complete contracts themselves, without a lawyer’s participation.”Malcolm first left Manhattan in 1995; he returned in 2006 after working as a broker in the Washington, D.C., area. As a New York broker he was only able to counsel buyers or analyze the market to a limited extent, he wrote.

Next up, Carter said, is relocation to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he says he plans to embrace retirement or semi-retirement. [BrickUnderground]Julie Strickland