Google, T-Mobile anger board with “secret” Bryant Park events

November 20, 2013 05:40PM

The Bryant Park Corporation’s events, cloaked in nondisclosure agreements with organizers, are frustrating area residents and Community Board 5.

Google’s Winter Wonderlab, a weekend promotion event that unveiled the tech giant’s new tablet and streaming video service, is the latest such event to draw the board’s ire. Despite CB 5’s denial of the events application, which was attributed to an insufficient “public review of the use of public space,” the event went ahead as planned.

It was the third such proposed event the board turned down, following a Shakira and Swizz Beatz concert promoting T-Mobile in April and a French tourism promotion called “A Taste of France,” with hid the details until a few days before it took place, CB 5 told DNAinfo.

“The increasing frequency of non-disclosure agreements as a reason not to share with the public any salient event details is absolutely unacceptable and must not continue to be the way of doing business in New York City parks,” Vikki Barbero, CB 5 chairwoman and Clayton Smith, parks committee chairman, wrote in a letter to the Bryant Park Corporation cited by DNAinfo.

While the board told DNA info they understand the need for discretion when it comes to unveiling a new product or a surprise concert with a big-name musician, they argue that a private company’s plans for the use of a public space affects the residents, business and visitors the board represents. [DNAinfo]Julie Strickland