Midtown, Williamsburg offer little savings for roommate renters

November 22, 2013 02:40PM

Where in New York City is it most worthwhile to split the rental bill with roommates? Splitwise, an app that hepls housemates divide expenses, broke down the numbers.

According to Splitwise’s color-coded map, joining forces with roomies won’t save renters that much money in Midtown or Lower Manhattan. The same is true for Greenpoint and Williamsburg, where housemates will still be looking at a rental bill north of $1,450 in a shared three-bedroom.

The savings improve Uptown, in Staten Island, and deeper into Queens and Brooklyn, where rates can get as low as $500 per person in a three-bedroom. And one-bedrooms for those flying solo are pricey pretty much throughout, with rates dipping near $1,000 in Fordham and the Northeast Bronx and climbing to as much as $3,400 in Chelsea. [Curbed]Julie Strickland