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Roman Catholic Church tops NYC’s vacant lot owners

The church could take a huge tax hit under de Blasio's plan
November 26, 2013 06:01PM

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s plan to raise taxes on vacant residential lots would have a sizable impact on owners of some of the city’s most valuable vacant lots.

The number of vacant residential lots in the five boroughs exceeds 7,000 and some estimates have recorded closer to 10,500 vacant lots. A survey by Crain’s shows the Roman Catholic Church and government bodies such as the state of New York own many such lots, meaning they could be hit with a huge tax increase if the proposal is passed.

De Blasio’s plan calls for a hike in taxes on vacant land by an average of $15,300 annually, following a five-year phase-in period, according to estimates by the Independent Budget Office, Crain’s said.

The idea is that by placing such an economic burden on unused lots, owners will choose to develop much-needed housing. However, critics doubt the plan will have the intended effect. [Crain’s]Mark Maurer

  • ????

    Do churches pay property taxes?

    • abernahi

      NO. But they should. Eliminate the tax exclusions for churches unless they have on-going free programs which aid the poor, sick, old, young, etc.

  • crawford57

    Um, since when did religious institutions pay property taxes on their holdings?

  • Paula Z. Segal
  • CaveJohnNYC

    In addition, DiBlasio is planning on raising the Taxes on Lots that are above 110th Street and Not in Manhattan. It was deemed that the lots below 110th Street pay a a proportioned share already