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Williamsburg agent fired for uploading nude photos: lawsuit

December 02, 2013 08:58AM

An agent at trendy Williamsburg residential brokerage Nooklyn was fired for showing too much skin and too little integrity, according to a new lawsuit. Stephanie Rose Gribbin uploaded nude pictures of herself to company servers, and when she was fired for the act, stole exclusive listings on her way out, court papers filed by Nooklyn in Brooklyn Federal Court allege.

Gribbin also reached out to landlords and clients she met through the firm and tried to persuade them to move their business over to her new firm, Stephanie Rose Consulting, the lawsuit alleges.

Nooklyn is seeking $300,000 in damages, the New York Post reported.

“Harley built this business from the ground up and is trying to make it grow,” Nooklyn attorney’s Dan Felber said of the firm’s founder Harley Courts.

But Gribbin told the newspaper that the company made up the claims in an effort to get rid of her after she became pregnant.

It’s not the first time explicit materials have gotten a New York City real estate broker in trouble. In June, former Eastern Consolidated commercial broker Robert Khodadadian was sued by the firm after allegedly sending a sexually explicit video to an intern, as The Real Deal reported. [NYP]Hiten Samtani

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