Kingsbridge ice rink project to score city’s approval

Wavering City Council member Fernando Cabrera finally gives nod of support
December 10, 2013 04:55PM

Long uncertain City Council member Fernando Cabrera has decided to support the $320 million Kingsbridge National Ice Center project in the Bronx.

Cabrera, who has wavered back and forth on the issue recently, granted the project a final approval. Thanks to his nod, approval from the council on Tuesday will be a formality.

The council member was heavily pressured by the mayor’s office and Council Speaker Christine Quinn to fall in line with the project plans, a number of people involved in negotiations told Crain’s. An agreement in which the developer will pay for a traffic study was part of what reportedly swayed his 11th-hour approval.

A $250,000 fund in support of small businesses in the area will also be administered by the city’s Department of Small Business Services, with Kingsbridge National Ice Center providing the funding. [Crain’s]Julie Strickland