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Long Island College Hospital operators mull condo plan

December 17, 2013 01:40PM

The Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill, under the ownership of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, is reviewing a developer’s proposal to convert the site into condominiums and an urgent care facility.

The developer, whom SUNY officials planned to reveal at today’s Board of Trustees meeting, offered to buy the 20-structure site at 339 Hicks Street, which takes up most of the street.

The firm would lease most of the block’s real estate back to health care providers that would operate hospital facilities, the New York Times reported. The remainder of the hospital property would be converted into condos.

“We’re doing exactly what the community has asked us to do all along, and that is to find us another operator,” H. Carl McCall, chairman of the SUNY trustees and former state comptroller, told the Times.

At the meeting today, the trustees are set to vote on whether to engage in talks with the developer. This proposal was considered the most viable among six submitted to SUNY officials in the past few months.

In October, SUNY was fighting a state court order allowing community groups and Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio to aid in selecting a new operator for the troubled hospital. [NYT]Mark Maurer

  • Maik Obermuller

    In 2011 LICH was 400 million in red, now over 500 million in red. There is no place to go with LICH anymore and no one wants to keep running it as a hospital. It is a money pitt

  • Maik Obermuller

    The NYS Comptroller has said SUNY’s fiscal problems are because of LICH. Of course SUNY is selling it. If no one steps up to run it as a hospital it gets sold to highest bidder and only one.

  • gbkm

    This article is total BS. The plan would not lease back space for a “hospital” – it does not have a hospital at all. It called for luxury condos with the usual fitness center for the condo owners, & space rented for doctors offices & a small token non-emergency clinic. Not to mention that the potential buyer was notorious Louis Kestenbaum’s group. (No wonder why SUNY kept their favored suitor’s name a secret most of the year). Anyway, the community needs its HOSPITAL. Wants its HOSPITAL. And demands its HOSPITAL. In the face of strong community pressure all yr, even at this meeting, Trustees & Carl McCall admitted they had serious doubts about their own plan & they withdrew their plan to vote to proceed. Now LICH needs a new REAL RFP to be put out for A HOSPITAL. The RFP that SUNY put out was not for a hospital & was open for a very short time. Lets finally ask for HOSPITAL operators & be transparent with all of the responses.

  • Avi Kramer

    Lets hope this deal passes, if Kestenbaum will purchase this sick hospital, we will at least get a great Urgent Care Center, but if the deal fails, all of us will fail.