Domino Sugar plan must be revised: Landmarks board

December 18, 2013 12:40PM

The Landmarks Preservation Commission criticized the height and glass roof additions proposed for Two Trees Management’s $1.5 billion Domino Sugar Refinery project on the Williamsburg waterfront.

The city agency said yesterday at a public hearing that the redevelopment plan for the 11-acre site would have to be revised in order to receive its support. Just six years ago, the shuttered factory at 292-314 Kent Avenue was designated a landmark. Plans call for 2,284 apartments, 631,000 square feet of office space and a quarter-mile waterfront park. Around one-third of the 660 affordable housing units are to be in the first tower slated for construction. Two Trees bought the site for $185 million in October 2012.

Commissioner Michael Devonshire expressed concerns that the roofline of the former factory would be obscured. Street-level signs above the building entrances would say “Domino,” a touch that the commission said was excessive. [Brooklyn Eagle]Mark Maurer