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Prospect Lefferts residents file suit to block planned tower

December 18, 2013 10:50AM

Residents of Brooklyn’s Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood have filed a lawsuit in hopes of blocking the construction of a 23-story, 254-unit tower at 626 Flatbush Avenue, they announced in a release yesterday. The tower is being developed by Hudson Companies, as The Real Deal reported.

The lawsuit – filed against the developer, the New York State Housing Finance Agency and others – alleges that the project uses $72 million in state funds but violates state law because the developers didn’t conduct a proper environmental impact study prior to beginning construction.

The building “would be in the midst of a neighborhood that is otherwise largely comprised of six-story or smaller buildings, and would present serious economic and environmental issues for the historic neighborhood,” the groups that filed the lawsuit said in the release. – Hiten Samtani

  • realestatelover2000

    There’s a huge building next door, this article doesn’t make any sense.

    • NeoAdamite

      The new tower is 50% taller. Also, since that other building went up (50 years ago), nearly the entire area has been rezoned for low rise buildings, including the whole perimeter of Prospect Park; the only exception is this block, and the one north of it. (That is, the west side of Flatbush from Empire to Parkside.)

      The one other recent attempt at putting up a tower in this area (21 stories, on Lincoln Road) has been scaled back to 8 or 9 stories.