A look inside the new World Trade Center

December 21, 2013 10:00AM


 At 1,776 feet, 1 World Trade Center is one of only a few structures whose design is primarily symbolic and not commercial. And after years of watching plans change and the immense structure’s exterior rise, the building’s interior is beginning to shape up. 

The World Trade Center’s marketing team has already added sample offices and videoconferencing rooms to the 63rd floor, where thirteen-foot windows give the office space an airy feeling, according to New York Magazine.

But the glass tower’s light interiors shouldn’t distract from the building’s unparalleled fortitude.  Downstairs, the lobby won’t open directly onto the street and will be protected by a blast barrier and an elevator shaft core made of concrete six feet thick.

The tower will be unpeopled at the bottom and the top, with a base that doubles as a massive concrete bunker, impervious to every threat bureaucrats could imagine. [NYM]Christopher Cameron