Dyker Heights tops list of best places to view holiday lights

December 22, 2013 01:00PM

 For many families, cruising through quaint neighborhoods and taking in the holiday lights is tradition. And if you are wondering where to see the best, biggest and most unique holiday light displays this season, look no father than Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights.  

According to a survey of Redfin real estate agents by MSN, Dyker Heights is not only the best place to see holiday light displays in New York City, but the best place for holiday spirit in the U.S.

“The top five neighborhoods in the U.S. are ones that go above and beyond every year, with the whole community getting involved,” Christin Camacho of Redfin writes. “They attract thousands of visitors, who often get out of their cars to stroll through the streets and gaze at all of the lights.”

After Dyker Heights, the survey gives Baltimore’s Miracle On 34th Street display the number two place, followed by Portland’s Peacock Lane, Austin’s 37th Street and Philadelphia’s South 13th Street. [MSN] Christopher Cameron